The writing on the novel that I should be working on is going well, thank you for asking. ;)

And I've learned a huge lesson over the past week: my schedule is way more flexible than I thought. It all started with DH getting a job with super-cool incentives, like flights at a price that makes the bargain-hunter in me squeal like I'm at a Duran Duran concert.

So the first thing I did was contact some girlfriends to see when they could either welcome me to their home (after I flew across the country) or join me for a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants trip (since she gets super discounts at hotels).

And then I forgot... they have kids! Oh, and really busy lives too, even without the kids. ;)


Then I even had a crazier idea: I was going to go to the RWA National Conference next month. I mean, I could fly there for next to nothing, so that would make up for the $500 entry fee, and the $200/night hotel bill.... yeah, then I dropped the calculator and went back to dreaming of an affordable getaway. Like flying to an airport and hanging out there for the day, like that movie I can't remember the name of about the man who lives in the airport.

And I might be terrified of completing this manuscript. Thanks to those who stepped forward to support me at my last RWA chapter meeting; it's helped, along with the deep breathing and not thinking about writing the very last chapter (even though it's almost done and just needs a bit of a revision).

In the meantime, I'll just lie down a bit until my breathing returns to normal again. ;)

How about you? What are you most afraid of when it comes to your work?

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