It's about time I took a peek out of the cave of revisions to proudly proclaim that the revisions to the WIP that just won't die have been completed!

Well, almost.

I know there's two scenes that need some description added in, as right now they're mainly dialogue. While what my characters are saying might be interesting, it would be best if they weren't sitting in an empty room a la Picard and Data on the holodeck. ;)

All I need right now is a little breathing room before I give this puppy a final read-through and give things a polish and, where needed, a touch of narrative or description. Who knows? If I'm feeling punchy I might even toss in a dash of introspection.

Then I'll finally be able to get to that other novel that's pouting in the corner. No, it's just giving me attitude and playing really loud tunes.

So while I should be celebrating, I feel I can't yet. Not until it's really, completely, totally done. But, according to what other writers have said, that really doesn't happen until the book is printed. And until I start actively submitting this, that won't happen for a while.

Nothing like starting a new month on a somewhat uplifting downer. Le sigh.

Oh no, I'm not going to let my own self-doubts take this moment away from me:

It's done! Hooray!"

Now if only I had abs like that. ;)

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