I'm still kind of in shock. I mean, I never really planned on joining Facebook. There were all those reasons I had:

1. It scared me.
2. I was afraid that only strange men who wanted to trade me for camels would be the only ones to invite me to be their friend.
3. It would take over my life, so much so that I wouldn't have time to exercise on a regular basis.

and finally,

4. It really scared me.

While there were all perfectly good reasons, something kept on bugging me. Okay, more like someones -- mainly my pals Michelle, Joanne and Laura. They'd pledged Facebook allegiance eons ago and, every once in a while, would tease me about how all the cool kids were members.

Then they all said it was fun. And helped them lead fulfilling lives.

So, in a moment of weakness, I joined. And it's true: it is fun!

Okay, perhaps it's really Crackbook, not Facebook, as my pal Andrea called it on "my wall," but I've been assured by everyone that the urge to update my status and look up friends every ten seconds will eventually subside. Which is a good thing, since I have to get a bunch of work done over the next few weeks. ;)

I've connected with people I haven't spoken to in years -- and it's as scary and exciting as I thought it would be. Then I have to remind myself to take it slow and not expect everyone to expect me to hold a big par-tay with chocolate fountains and cabana boys.

Even though that really sounds appealing right now.

A sad farewell
And yes, it saddened me to watch coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral today. Poor Paris; my heart went out to that girl. I hope that the media will leave her and the rest of her family alone while they grieve.

I still remember when my mom bought Thriller to use as her exercising soundtrack. This may have something to do with my fear of zombies.

Rest in peace, Michael, and thanks for the great tunes.

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