Completed another week of onsite full-time hours (it's amazing how quickly I forget the way most businesses operate), managed to avoid the temptation of giving the completed manuscript a good proofing (I'm waiting until August) and ended up winning tickets to the upcoming Depeche Mode concert. Sweet!

Oh, and Zaphod turned two on Wednesday -- and decided a party would interfere with his napping schedule. He's asked for a new window to perch on for next year. ;)

With all this going on, I've still managed to do some outlining for the next novel. Being another novel for young adults, I've done some more research on the approach I should take. Actually, the workshops on writing for kids (and adults who think they're kids) that I attended at Polaris really gave me food for thought.

Hey, who needs to go to RWA Nationals when I can attend groovy workshops right here in Toronto? And let's not forget the uber-informative workshops my local RWA chapter offers.

But I don't want to make the mistake of thinking way too much so that I run out of steam before I even put pen to paper. As a pantser by heart, outlining is kind of painful for me. Helpful, yes, but part of me feels that planning takes the fun out of things.

This, coming from a woman who used to be a project manager and still is a control freak, strikes me as funny. But when it comes to my writing, the only thing I want to plan is putting my butt in the chair. If only that could lead to novels that don't need to be rewritten four times. ;)

Maybe I just need the right inspiration for organizing my writing:

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