Don't you just love it when you try to catch up with someone and they don't want to talk about anything?

Usually this isn't much of a problem for me, since I can always make up for the lack of convo with my tales of contest wins, coupon finds and other buzz marketing-related activities.

Here's how the conversation went:

MOI: "Hey there! Long time no see. How are things going?"

DWT: "Okay, I guess."

MOI: "Glad to hear you're feeling better after that medical thing."

DWT: "I don't wanna talk about it."

MOI: "Oh, okay. How's work going?"

DWT: "Don't ask."

MOI: "Oh. Hey, someone brought pork rinds."

I stop to enjoy some nibbles and notice that DWT is now scanning the room, looking for someone else to not talk to.

MOI: "So, any big plans for the fall?"

DWT: "No."

MOI: "How about next year?"

DWT just shrugs, clearly feeling saying the words out loud is too much trouble.

MOI: "Wow, look at the time! 6:35 already? I better call in to check on the cat, he's at that needy stage right now..."

As you can see, I wasn't my normal "fill in the blanks" self. In this case, I felt kind of stumped. Actually, more like closed off.

Perhaps that wasn't this uncommunicative individual's intent, but when it happens a lot, like, say, all the time, it makes me feel like, just maybe, this person really doesn't want to talk about "it" -- or anything else -- with me.

There are some things some people don't want to talk about (politics, religion and pork rinds), but it's kind of hard if the person you're conversting with doesn't indicate a single topic which can be discussed. As a windbag, I should see this as an opportunity to take centre stage and run my mouth off, but, thanks to comedy school, I've learned how to read an audience.

And right now I'm thinking this particular audience would rather be anywhere else. ;)

That's cool. I'll just know where to hang out at the next gathering -- the other end of the room. Unless, of course, I don't feel like talking, too.

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