Okay, so I may have mentioned that I like to enter contests on occasion, even though the odds of winning (especially in novel-writing contests) can be slim to none. I even promised myself this year that I would limit myself to five contests. Five!

And it appears that number three is my lucky number. WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO!

Picked up right from the announcement (I took out the other categories so people wouldn't have to scroll forever, even though a bunch of awesome authors are finalists):

Toronto Romance Writers
Finalists for the 21st Annual Original Golden Opportunity Contest - 2009

Young Adult
Final Round Judge: Anne Heltzel, Penguin, Razorbill
SUGAR HIGH Bethany Cunningham Gabbert

* TRW member

I'm up against some pretty fierce competition, both of the other finalists have won awards in other RWA contests. And that makes me feel excited and nervous at the same time. How will poor Megan compare? OMG, the pressure!

It's all good. This is the kind of awesome, fantabulous news I needed to get me out of a rather long bout of "itallsucksitis." Well, this sure helped me get all cheerful and full of sparkly goodness!

This novel has been through many, many changes -- and it appears that it's back on the right track again. ;) Now I can get over it and focus on the current WIP, which needs some care and attention due to my mad dash to another city for a weekend BBQ.

It's been a highly social weekend for me with two parties, visiting a girlfriend and her 70-pound "puppy" and trying to get some paying work done.

Now I just have to distract myself until they announce the Golden Opportunity winners in late September. Ack!

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