Summer finally arrived in Toronto -- and I must say that the soaring temperatures provided an awesome learning opportunity for me.

1. Heat rises
Zaphod, the kitten of mass destruction, has spent the past week on the basement freezer, chillaxing. It took us an hour to find him the first day, and when we did we ended up sitting there with him because it felt so nice.

2. Business attire is whack
I had to work on site during some of these hazy days, and I melted on the way there and back. Why do businesses insist on people wearing clothes when it's so darn hot. Then again, that's probably best for everyone...

3. Getting emotional takes too much energy
Seriously, I don't know how people who have tempers who live near the equator survive. Just the thought of getting angry makes me sweat. But if someone were to drink all the Diet Coke or eat all the ice cream...

4. You're never too old for the kiddie pool
Lukas (my five-year-old next-door neighbour) invited me to splash around in his whale-shaped blow-up pool -- and if I wasn't on a deadline, I totally would have taken him up on it. Even if that meant being seen in public in my bathing suit.

And, last but not least...

5. Summer has its own schedule
This is a both good and bad. Flexibility is something I cherish, but the Cancerian in me lives for timelines and checking things off the to-do list. So when holiday schedules and pool parties get in the way, sometimes I get a little twitchy. Okay, a lot twitchy. But I'm learning to deal, with the help of the chilling kitten.

What has this heatwave taught you? Anything cool? ;)

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