The gods are testing me in extremely entertaining ways.

Now this all might be happening because I've taken on way too many things at once. I'm working full time hours on site this month, which truly limits the amount of time I can pretend I'm a cat and curl up in a sunbeam.

And then there are the two night classes I'm taking, which interest and scare me at the same time when I swing from "I don't have a clue" to "Oh, that's what that means" on the learning parallelogram.

And in one of my classes there is a student who has absolutely no sense of humour. A true personification of a lemon. I shall call him Sir Yellow, yet pronounce the Sir "sour" for effect. Seriously, it's been decades since I've had a classmate so tightly wound -- and the inner cheerleader in me wants me to make him laugh, just to see if he snaps into itty bitty pieces like the Terminator when he's exposed to liquid nitrogen.

And I'm coordinating my chapter's contest, with the help of a lovely gaggle of category coordinators. We're a week away from deadline and things are getting kind of frantic as the last-minute questions about eligibility and the rules come flying in.

So yes, the writing is kind of on the back burner with the current WIP on simmer as I whip my to-do list into shape and prepare for a restful June.

Well, restful until RWA Nationals at the end of the month!

Eek! What am I gonna wear?

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