Azis, Drew, Doug, Dave and some fabulous woman.
Okay, maybe it was because I asked them to. But I almost didn't.

Although I have been keeping a low profile this year, sometimes I just have to bust out of my comfort zone every once in a while. And yes, the firefighters did make me feel comfortable while lifting me up. ;)

But how did I end up in such an interesting position? I blame my writing friends. At a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer, one coveted item was a chef-prepared meal served by a quartet of firefighters in the winner's home. I'm lucky enough to know the lucky lady who bid higher than the rest (the talented Kate Freiman) and a girl's night was planned.

Joan Leacott has a post all about it here.

So there I was, surrounded by great food, good wine and a bevy of beefcake. What's a girl to do?

At first, I just asked them a bunch of questions about being a firefighter. What amazed me was how they didn't see themselves as heroes, but as a bunch of guys who love a challenge. One gentleman especially loves breaking doors.

And did you know that fire stations are considered public property (in Canada, not sure of anywhere else)? If you have to use a washroom, feel free to saunter over to a station.

And then some of the other girls asked for photo ops with the firefighters. I posed for the group photo and encouraged others to get daring for their individual shots. Then I returned to the table, suddenly shy.

Luckily my inner cheerleader kicked in and said, "Are you nuts? Photo opp of a lifetime here, girlfriend."

And now I have the photo to remind me of how much fun I had!

How about you? Have you ever almost missed out on an opportunity because of a sudden attack of nerves or shyness?

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