With all of the shows out there featuring regular people with superpowers, I thought I'd take a moment to showcase a few people in my life who go above and beyond the call in truly unique ways:

Mom: She has the ability to track down a bargain within a hundred-mile radius in a matter of seconds. And she knows just what you need, even before you do.

Dad: He is able to apply logic to any situation, including the ones in my mother's mind. Dad also possesses the power to become invisible during a crisis and fix problems without anyone realizing that he's done anything.

DH: There are oodles that I can list here, but that would make him more attractive to others, so I'll stick to one. My husband has mastered the art of the one-word reply that few can fight against: "Indeed."

And I can't stand it when he uses it on me. ;)

JJLB: Her ability to watch multiple movies in a row is legendary. She and I co-own a VHS copy of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

MR: She denies wholeheartedly that she possesses the power of the pen, yet she keeps on writing and selling books. Hmm. Must be the new condo.

LR: This woman is able to juggle forty-five gazillion projects at once without damaging the furniture or loved ones. When she stops to take a break, she ends up with a hundred more. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Heck, put all of these people together and you have yourself a pretty interesting television show. Just throw in a tropical island or bank heist and we could have something.