I know, I know. I'm supposed to be brimming with positivity at the prospect of a brand new year to have fun with and mold into my own creation. Kind of like paper mache or a new sandbox the neighbourhood cats haven't found yet.

And here I am, bemoaning the fates that things really haven't changed with the dawn of 2007. The alarm clock still rings too early for my liking, the stinky people on the bus are still as ripe as before (if not more so) and the buckets of self-doubt haven't vanished like the box of Belgian seashell chocolates last seen somewhere under the tree.

I even sat at the computer yesterday evening and stared at the screen until the rerun of a Project Runway episode. It was a whole hour and a half...and all I got down was a paragraph that looks a lot like something I'd already written...last year.

This is when I remind myself that I do not have the right to complain. The gods of time have presented me with a New Year to fill with new to-do lists and overwhelming expectations and perhaps a few new packaged foods that combine chocolate with unpopular vegetables. Hey, you never know.

So why am I here bitching so early in the year?

Um, because I can?

It could also be that I'm avoiding some things that really need to be done. The proverbial bandage that should have been torn off with one good tug instead of waiting for it to fade away like a Spice Girls melody.

Hang on, do you hear that?

do it anyway

It sounds like it could be a new mantra or something.

Do. It. Anyway.

Wow, that could really come in handy if I actually used it.


Okay, enough already! I can take a hint. ;)