Okay, I've been so swamped with stuff to do that I totally missed Mike's initial announcement for his cool new contest: write a blog entry about why 205 is his new favourite number. Click here for all the deets.

So here's my shot at fame and one of four (if over 205 people enter) fabulous prizes:

Mike's New Favourite Number
As he ran the pencil over the blank top page of the notepad a few times, an image began to appear. Three numbers, a hyphen, then four more: 555-2387.

The missing area code didn't matter because he recognized the seldom-used number immediately. It meant that his wife knew about Eddie.

Not that Mike intended to keep it a secret, but the man had spent the last 17 years in hiding. It was a simple case of a jaywalking gone wrong. Despite the warnings of friends and family, Mike and Eddie enjoyed crossing the street a block before the lights. It made them feel cool.

Old man Vernor didn't have a chance on that snowy day. The two men--at that awkward age when some decisions had been made, but much larger ones were ahead--darted out onto the street wearing their new painter's coveralls. They blended perfectly into their surroundings.

The maroon Buick swerved and slammed into a light post, killing the old man instantly.

Eddie and Mike fought against the twisted metal to get the door open, but it was too late.

"Get outta here!" Eddie screamed at his friend. A siren could be heard approaching as a crowd started to spill out of the buildings and onto the snow-laden street.

Mike stood for a moment and considered his options. His friend had already been convicted of jaywalking twice; this time he'd land in jail.

"You go. I'll stay," he offered.

That was the last time Mike had seen Eddie--205 months ago.