If ever there was a phrase I needed to tattoo across my forehead backwards so I could see it every time I looked in the mirror, that would be it.

Trust your guts.

There's a sitiation (the spelling is purposeful, just say it with a Brooklyn accent for it to work) I'm in that I really shouldn't be. I'd go into detail, but the most exciting part of the deal is... huh, there's nothing exciting happening here at all. Maybe that's part of the problem. LOL

You see, when this "opportunity" presented itself, there was something about it that made me hesitate. This happens to me a lot and, most of the time, I see this as my version of spidey sense, telling me to stay fah fah away, there's a stench in Denmark or some other cliche that fits the bill.

In this case, however, I misread my hesitation and proceeded down the shiny path. Could it have been the four episodes of Melrose Place I'd watched in a row the night before that made me go against my guts? Perhaps. Or was it my fear of not trying new things and meeting new people, only to slowly turn into a hermit who eats spray cheese right out of the can?

Okay, maybe there was a bit of that going on, too. Unfortunately, the warning bells have come and gone, and I'm left with the charred remains of what started as a kind-of-all-right thing that had potential.

And now I've got to get it out of the carpet somehow before I have guests over.

Shoot. Here I am, going on and on about something that really doesn't mean a hill of beans when I could be chillaxing and voting for one of the couples on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. ;)

How about you? Are you good at trusting your guts? Have they ever steered you wrong?

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