They laughed, they cried. At the end of the three-minute PowerPoint presentation, they all broke into applause. The presentation that was doomed from the start had actually worked out. After all that shit from last week.

But wait, it gets better. Once the room grew quiet once again, the big guy said a big thank you to the two people behind this project. Too bad he's half right. And the half he forgot to include was yours truly.

Yes, the one who wrote the damn script. Sourced the music. Guided in the photo selection. Begged for the resources when they fired the only person in the company who could handle all the photo and sound manipulation. The one who got her husband to help with the files at the 11th hour.

And yes, the one on contract who doesn't want to work there anymore.

So why did I do it? Because a man who spends 30 years at a company deserves a lot more than speeches and a cake. Or maybe for this organization that's more than enough. I dunno. Maybe I just wanted to do something fabulous for a man who actually seems happy at his job.

By the way, a belated thank you note to me was sent out from the big man to the entire team. Funny thing is, by that point it didn't matter. I already felt like shit.

Next time just say "I'd like to thank the team who worked on this" and, once you confirm who we are, send money.