I had the strangest experience today: I attended a meeting that has already happened before. About three times actually. It's more than deja-vu - I call it Deja-Dilbert since the same people at the office keep on showing up.

Just like the last few times, there's no real agenda. The person who called the meeting basically requests the same information that had been requested previously (which had been received, but that point is somehow never raised). This time however, I made a move to break the pattern by not taking notes. Instead, I brought my "binder of knowledge" that had been developed in October 2004. Yeah, when the first occurrence of this meeting took place.

The fact that no one raised the issue of having already been at this meeting before was alarming. Did anyone else realize what was happening? To quote Keanu:

Whoa, I know Kung Fu.

So I handed the binder to a new attendee so that they can continue this pattern without me. Because I won't be here for the next Deja-Dilbert session.

12 more days! :::dances with glee:::