By being a member in good standing of the Toronto chapter of Women in Film and Television, I received free passes for a preview screening of Posiedon at an IMAX theatre. How cool is that? Membership does have its privileges people.

An added bonus was that I had concession stand coupons that were good at the theatre too. Cheap popcorn and a free movie? All I needed now was a big prize win and my life would be complete!

Not being one to enjoy shipwreck movies, with the sole exception of Titanic
::sniff::, the only expectation I had was that this ship would indeed sink. Whether Fergie would survive or not was not a concern, since I didn't pay attention to any of the trailers or pre-screening buzz. Hang on, was there buzz about this movie?

Some lived, a bunch died. Add in an annoying child and a hunk-a-hunka burning hero, and you have yourself an okay movie. I'm not sure if I'll ever go on a cruise, but at least I know what to do if the luxury liner I'm on capsizes in the middle of nowhere. Head for the poker table; that's where the heroes tend to hang out.

Despite the agony of watching water rise to the top of most areas of the ship after finishing half of my drink, I think I did all right. Until I had to make it down a hundred steps to the bottom of the IMAX theatre.

Lesson learned: you do pay a price for good seats.

Time for a quick mid-ish May update!

Articles to write this month: 4
Articles written already: 3
Queries sent: 3
INXS concerts: 1
Holidays in Bermuda: 1
Prizes won this month: 1 (a cell phone - woo hoo!)