Came home to another letter from Maria and one from Kreskin himself. He's been thinking about me for some time. Yeah, I get that a lot. Must be the new shredder.

There's something he knows that I need to know. It's vaguely outlined in this Kreskin Power Letter 1. He can't tell me what it is exactly, because he needs to hear from me first...or just my credit card. Not to worry, he offers a money back guarantee if my life doesn't completely transform by the time he's done with me.

My life has changed before; it's no big.

Of course, I'm wondering if Maria put Kreskin up to this. Yeah, during a game of psychic truth or dare:

"Truth or dare?"

"You know which one I'm going to pick Maria, so why are you asking?"

"There's this frustrating woman in Ontario--"

"Bonnie. Yes, I have felt your pain."

"You must write to her."

"And incur her wrath? Woman, are you mad?"

"She's harmless."

"You know she has special powers. Are the Irish triplets still at your door?"

"Now they insist on eating pistachio nuts. It's disgusting."

"I'm not willing to take that kind of risk."

"I'll throw in a free reading for you. Come on Kreskie-poo, it's just one itty bitty letter. And I double-dog dare you."

That has to be it. They both have my name and address spelled the exact same way. Even the postal code has the space in the middle. It's a Canadian thing. And they both insist that they need my help before they can let me know about all the cool stuff that will be happening to be during this limited period of time.

What on earth could I possibly help them with besides their bank balances?

Maybe Maria's letter contains a two-for-one coupon. I'm still not opening it.