I came across this photo while searching for an all-important Word document that contains rewritten Phantom of the Opera song lyrics. The world could be saved with these, you never know.

This marquee was used during my makeover on Style By Jury. They had "secretly" taped me at work, and then brought in an expert to discuss how my funny bone may be detracting from my professional image. Hah, as if! They put the footage up on the movie screen and everything. Very cool. Too bad I had worn horizontal stripes while at the office.

One of the crew was nice enough to grab a photo of the marquee before they changed it back to Godzilla or Starsky & Hutch and sent it over to me. Christopher (aka Christoff) was my hero for at least a week. Good times.

Yesterday was a frenzied battle between my clients and the headhunters as August appears to be the month that I will be able to work 40 hours a day if I want to. And yes, I meant to say "a day". No one seems to care if I get to eat or sleep, as long as their work gets done.

This shouldn't be a problem except I had intended to celebrate the arrival of August with a month-long nap. I may have to postpone that until October. But that's when I had planned on completing the revisions for the WIP. Sigh.

This week:
Worked on site for two different clients, 5 full days
Did not sell any more articles - boo hoo
Was not selected for a cool on site freelance gig in the middle of nowhere (thank goodness)
Hired for a temporary contract which will keep me busy until September 30
Some cheques, that were actually in the mail, finally arrived

Now I can celebrate the long weekend with a BD party, a meal out with fellow writers and the rewrite of an article. Woo hoo!