I appreciate the public library system, really I do. Tons of books to enjoy, free Internet access, the dewey decimal system... what's not to like?

Then I tried to book a meeting room.

Some Toronto libraries have meeting rooms and auditoriums that you can book at a reasonable rate. Which is just perfect for our new contesting club. One of the library branches is even right on the subway line for the ultimate in access.

Turns out, the first available date at that location is December 20.

So I went for option #2. A 10-minute bus ride from the subway, this library also offers free parking - a rarity in the city. All I had to do to make it official was fill out the meeting room application form and have everything confirmed.

Oh yeah, by someone who should be on CSI: Card Catalogue.

First came the phone calls, and then the emails with "just a few more questions". After two days of back-and-forthing, I was ready to give up having to prove that the little club I belonged to was not a corporate organization or a charity participating in fundraising.

"Think of us as a book club, except we discuss contests instead of books," I said.

"I see," the wannabe detective replied before changing tactics. "Will there be any seminars or opportunities to purchase products during these meetings?"

The way she said the word "meetings" had me feeling a little snippy. Okay, a whole lot snippy. But calling Bonequa out to book a meeting room in a library wouldn't be a good idea: the girl don't read.

So I told the meeting room booking agent that having every answer I give lead to three more questions was making me feel somewhat frustrated.

She said that she understood where I was coming from. And asked for a DNA sample.

Okay, she didn't. But never did I think that I would have to jump through hoops of fire on a pogo stick while twirling a sparkly baton in order to take advantage of a service offered to the community.

No wonder the room was avaiable; everyone else probably gave up before the credit check and retina scan.

This story does have a happy ending though. We now have a space for our contesting club. Talk about a win-win situation. ;)