While I am following the instructions of the One Pass Manuscript Revision to the letter, I am stunned when I step back from my desk and see the acres of blue ink. (I'm not using red, that would be too painful to look at.) Part of me feels that I'm murdering my baby.

Then I remember that this step is important to ensure that my novel can go out in public and not get beaten to a pulp on the last step of the porch.

But I've discovered a weed. One of those evil plot weeds that shouldn't be there in the first place. And it's spread out over a few chapters, just like my neighbour's dandelions.

Once I discovered it, I tried to carefully work the material around it before giving it a gentle tug. Nothing happened. So I gave it a yank - and ended up with about 12 pages featuring big X's running through them. Rats.

There is good news though. My characters now have more depth than 8" x 10" glossies, and their names don't all start with the letter J anymore. I blame Josh Holloway, Jake Gylenhall and Jerry Lewis... because I can.