In a recent interview Josh Holloway said, "Eveyone has a little Sawyer in them."

Then I had to be alone for a moment.

But seriously folks, I'm about ready to just pick up all the past seasons of 24 to keep myself occupied on Wednesday nights. Right after America's Next Top Model, of course. Oh, and before CSI: NY, which was particularly creepy last night.

Sure, seeing Sawyer locked up and then looking for the first opportunity to grab Kate and/or a handgun is fun and all, but I really miss the big black smoke cloud and the polar bears. I was even considering a vacation to Hawaii when I realized that we'd probably get there after all the characters we really like get killed off by some other character we haven't yet met who's been shacked up with the crazy French babe. That's just a guess.

Of course, seeing Sayid again was nice, even when it looked like he was going to be captured and have to dress in drag for the rest of the season. Oops, confusing my television programs there, that was ANTM.

Too bad about Sun and Kim totally lying to each other for the past few years though. Oh well, bygones I'm sure. It'll all be fine once she gives birth to an alien.

Can you tell I'm at a really heinous part of the novel rewrites? I'm in the midst of a Frankenstein project where I'm morphing two characters into one. It's not pretty and there seems to be an additional eyebrow on the guys's forehead too.

Oh well, only 2-1/2 more weeks to go and it'll be done. I think.