I look forward to Wednesday night with reluctant anticipation. That's when our favourite show, WTF, will be airing. The DH and I had to rename it due to the number of times that phrase was uttered during commercial breaks last season.

And the current promo voiced by Mr. Leader of the Others is just plain creeping me out. Talk about your scary Halloween tale!

I also want to see if they kill off Mr. Eko because of his driving infraction earlier this year. No one is safe on this island.

And, don't tell Josh Holloway, but I have picked up two new fave shows that I may not be able to live without: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Ugly Betty. IMO both are superbly written and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Kind of like the way I used to feel about WTF. Except now it's reaching the painful stage. If you haven't been watching, this wouldn't be a good time to start. There's just way to much crap to catch up on.

Keeping it light today, WIP revisions are moving along relatively well. Knock wood. Only 29 days left!