It's been a really bizarre week so far. Even without all that crap in the news about guns, politicians and the harmful effects of disco.

At the top of the list is the strangest happening of all. One of the guys I work with arrived at the office today with this piece of news: his house had been hit by a car.

Another colleague asked, "Dude, how fast was your house going?"

Okay, the house was not moving. Turns out that a gentleman was attempting to evade the police by driving like a total idiot. It almost worked too.

Unfortunately for him, the house blocked his way.

My friend is still waiting to see what needs to be done to get his house back to its former "curb appeal" status. Who knows? This could be a new design trend, having a Hyundai rammed into your living room.

Speaking of things that just don't make sense, I'm not feeling the love for Lost. It may have reached the TMotTFW (too much of the too freaking weird) level for me. Sure, they gave Sawyer enough screen time to prevent me from changing the channel, but the honeymoon is over. Time for this show to put up or shut up.

On another note, there have been no reports of horking under the cover of darkness from across the street. Then again, we haven't been hanging around outside too much with all the rain.

Did I mention that my creepy neighbour has a dog that barks a lot because he's so damn bored being left outside? We think the dog's name is "Shut Up," since that's the only thing we ever hear our neighbour say to him.

Shoot, I'm rambling. And I've discovered one way that I can get a ton of revisions done is by staying offline. Sad but true. This quick little "peek online" has evolved into two hours of... stuff. Don't know about you, but I already have way too much stuff.

So I'm gonna duck out for a wee bit and lose myself in novel revisions. Just for a few days... or hours if I start convulsing. ;)

Make sure your house stays out of trouble and keep the front porch buckled up.