The revisions on Suds have been progressing just as I expected. Today I've reached the halfway point, right on schedule.

So why is this a problem?

The first half of the book is where I toiled with turns of phrases, character development and making the plot actually work. While almost every page is marked up, there were only five scenes and one subplot that resulted in big fat x's crossing the page.

Now I'm heading into the danger zone (yes, I hear that song in my head too, just ignore it and the images of Tom Cruise). This is the part where one of my main characters turns into an alien - and I'm not writing sci-fi here.

But when I look at other writers' blogs, it seems the middle is a horrible place for everyone. Okay, maybe horrible isn't the right word. Let's try heinous instead.

While I was expecting this, I must have forgotten about the heinous middle along the way. And, unlike the first time around, this isn't where I can simply add the words "MORE STUFF GOES HERE ABOUT X" and move on to the next chapter. It has to be dealt with now. Like today.

Oh, once I get the paying work done. Gotta love clients!