This is a belated shout-out to the ladies at Swank Web Style. I love what they've done for me and somehow they understood what I meant by "no whale shapes", "colourful, but not too colourful" and "add linkie-thingies". Thanks Heather and Laura, you gals rock!

Of course, now that the website is 98% complete, I have no more excuses for putting off getting out there and pitching new clients. The urge to nap instead is overwhelming; I blame the "testing" of some chocolates to ensure they're okay before I buy more for the holidays.

The promise of a new year always catches me by surprise. Kind of the same way the first blizzard does, even though I live in Canada.

What will I be able to do in 2007? What goals will I accomplish? Which game shows will I appear on? Will I survive turning 40? How will I make this coming year even more awesome than the one I'm about to finish off with fun, festivities and a whole bunch of coupons that expire on December 31?

And let's not forget the major goal of getting Suds thoroughly revised and ready to start shopping around for an agent. Shoot, maybe I should have that nap after all.

What big plans do you have for 2007?