I think I've come down with a case of notknowingwhentostoprevisingitis, a condition that is preventing me from finishing the last bits on my Golden Heart entry. Mainly because I'm not allowing myself to finish.

Even the promise to myself to take a few weeks off and then rework the novel into an even stronger story in 2007 has had little effect. Each night, I find myself staring at the computer screen, wondering if I should add in that flamenco dancing sequence that came to mind on the subway ride home.

So yesterday I tried a self-intervention and printed out the final copies of the synopsis and partial manuscript pages. So I wouldn't be tempted to revise them. It's been 24 hours and that seems to have worked.

But I'm still tinkering with the other 300 pages. And that's not good. The time has passed for tinkering. (Hey, that's a pretty cool slogan for a life coach or motivator, dontcha think?) I need to finish this because all of the other projects waiting in the wings have due dates fast approaching and I may actually want a full night's sleep sometime soon.

So I'm giving myself until midnight tonight, just like NaNo, to complete this manuscript and print it out. Then I'm packing the whole thing up and sending it on its way to Texas.

And this weekend we're going on a safari in the dining room to find the Christmas ornaments! Woo hoo!