I had one of those moments yesterday. One where I was so into what I was doing that I had no idea of time passing or the fact that the hem had come undone on one of my pant legs. It lasted for at least 48 minutes before reality set in and I had to get back to what I "should" be doing.

Alexandra's suggestion from yesterday to substitute our shoe sizes for our ages makes perfect sense. So why not? When I think back, though I'm sure there were some horrific moments involving a pogo stick and a serving of spinach, I feel that life was pretty darn spectacular when I was 7-1/2. I had good friends in school, a really nice lunchbox with Snoopy on it and I hadn't consumed too many cans of Tab cola yet.

And I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, I gave myself three options:

an actress
an astronaut
a baseball player

Two of these options are hilarious when you combine them with my sedentary (even as a child) lifestyle and my distaste for being out in the sun too long (or closer to it). Still, these are pretty awesome goals to have as a child. While all have that "all or nothing" income appeal, I can't help but notice that, even at 7-1/2, I was a media whore. All of those careers put your picture in the newspaper, or have you appearing on television.

Obviously I had no idea that I'd have to master physics for my duties as an astronaut. For all I know, I probably made that choice so that I could have Tang, the powered orange drink that Mom refused to buy. The baseball player thing I blame on Dad, who would get so excited watching the games on television, I assumed that it would be even cooler playing than watching. Then I had a baseball hit me in the head and I discovered how hard the game is to play when you're ducking all the time.

And the goal of becoming an actress? Hey, over here in BonnieLand, I am the star of my own show. Sometimes it's a sitcom. Other times, a drama. And the best is when prizes appear at my doorstep.

Talk about things being too good to be true! ;)