Just got back from a free screening of Freedom Writers. I hate writing reviews so I'll just say LOVED IT!!!!

I would pay to see this movie again.

Now that I'm completely overwhelmed by what a group of teenagers and one truly heroic teacher can do, I feel ready to do battle with the word count. It is time. All my brave talk of writing a big hunk of stuff a day has just been that, all talk, so far this year.

Time to get off this procrastination train and hit the enter key. (That sounded a lot cooler in my head. My apologies.)

I have rejoined Michelle Rowen's current revamp of the Write-On challenge (no t-shirts, just glory) and plan on making the heinous deadline so that I will have something workable by February 18.

It is possible. All I have to do is get my ass back in the chair...

Oh, and maybe not enter a gazillion contests every day so that I win movie passes all the time. ;)