Starwood Hotels/Le Meridien have a cool opportunity for writers. Not that it pays or anything, but they are looking for 50-word stories to print onto small cards that are handed out to chi-chi clients who order exotic coffee (that uses 50 beans per cup) at their luxury properties.

Hey, why hire an ad agency when you can get all your material for free? LOL

I'm always up for a challenge and, whaddya know?, a few of my submissions are up on their site (takes about 6 weeks). Some of the ideas may seem familiar as I've taken liberties with some of my flash-fiction entries for other contests. Mainly cutting out a ton of words.

Just the thought of someone with more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime reading my words makes me feel kind of tingly all over. Then again, it could be the chilly weather. ;)

If you're submitting, you may want to steer clear of humour since they only seem to want deep and kind of freaky stuff. Have a read through the entries to see what I mean.

Click here to read some very cool short stories or submit your own.