Ingredients (in no particular order; I'm just a control freak):
  1. A desire to learn
  2. An ability to laugh
  3. Eyes that see things for what they truly are
  4. Ears that can hear the true meaning of what is being said
  5. Heaps of compassion
  6. Self-esteem
  7. Dreams and goals
  8. Willingness to try anything once
  9. Reality checks with no expiry date
  10. Someone to guide you
  11. Someone you can lead
  12. A theme song
  13. A bunch of people who can join in for the chorus -- with cool dance moves
  14. And a heart that has a place for the people, pets and purposes that mean the world to you

Mix all ingredients well in whichever order feels right at the time. If some ingredients aren't available, substitute them with whatever strikes your fancy.

Warning: negativity will spoil the broth and force you to start all over again or leave you with something so stinky people will stop coming over for dinner.

Serves: as long as you like, just remember to add to the pot every once in a while to keep things fresh.

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