It's been an overwhelming week for me already. First, the contest convention. Next was discovering that while I was at the convention, Zaphod learned how to jump over the kitten gate so now he roams relatively freely (and makes it to the litter box most of the time). Then I had all that stuff that I normally take care of when I can evenings and weekends. Like when I'm not at a contesting convention.

Oh, and did I mention that the monthly newsletter that I work on goes out next week? ;)

At least I had a cool Sunday to look forward to. My friend Joanne, with whom I co-own the VHS copy of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, was going to come over to hang out and me and Zaphod. She was even gonna bring her famous seven-layer dip.

Then I realized that she wasn't coming Sunday, but Saturday -- the day I already have a commitment that I couldn't get out of, even if I pretended to be in a coma. I was bummed.

Even reading yesterday's post and searching for photos of Josh Holloway didn't make me feel any better. It was a total bummage that could turn into weepage in an instant, but I'm not supposed to do stuff like that. I'm a big girl.

Oh no, now Fergie's song is trapped in my head...and you know I can't help myself:

Some Girls Eat Pie

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has something to do with food
It's personal, the lure of pie
I've got decision makin' to do
And I'm gonna choose well like a bride chooses a banquet
And I've got to get some fitness in my life
It's time to be a thin girl now
Though some girls eat pie

It turns out that Joanne can make it over on Sunday after long as I don't play anything by Fergie. ;) But Josh can stay if he happens to drop in.

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