Giving a gift with the expectation that the recipient will fawn all over it -- or even say thank you -- is getting to be a very dangerous situation. Especially if fruit jellies are involved.

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Imagine if someone tried to pull a stunt like that in the good old days. You know, like when my dad said, "In a good year, we'd get two rocks at Christmas." Or, even better, at a baby shower...

Surrounded by giggling women and a mass of wrapping paper and gifts for her little one to come, Gwen opened another package, revealing a box of baby wipes. She smiled, put it aside, and reached for the next gift.

Sissy, from her seat at the other end of the room, cleared her throat. "Aren't you going to say thank you?"

Gwen paused mid-unwrap. "What for?"

"For the gift you just opened."

The one that made her choose between her so-called friend and a pack of Virginia Slims. The nicotine cravings were driving her mad, but she promised herself that she'd behave for the sake of making a good impression with Gwen's new friends. After all, they might come to her upcoming Mary Kay party.

The pregnant woman held up the box of wipes. "This?"

Sissy nodded.

"Oh, well, there was no card..."

"There was a tag on the wrap," the younger woman said loudly. "Wait, don't tell me, you were waiting to see what the real gift was before saying thank you."

"Zip it Sissy!" an older woman hissed.

That comment brought Sissy to her feet. "Well if you can't appreciate them, neither should your baby!" she shouted as she ran over to the pile of gifts and proceeded to stomp all over them. Some broke under the pressure of her stilettos, while others, including the baby wipes, remained intact.

Eventually the angry young woman was contained in a hall closet until the authorities arrived.

Gwen refused to press charges. She did, however, return the wipes to Wal-Mart and exchanged them for name-brand ones.

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