Something huge took place today. I encouraged my Inner Critic to retire.

Without even the slightest snicker or hint of protest, he signed the release papers and accepted his severance package -- consisting of my two cents and a copy of my completed manuscript. ;) I'll be celebrating with dinner at McDonald's tonight and a slice of cake when I'm out for lunch on Saturday.

While most people would happily fire their Inner Critic after 40 years of quality discouragement, threats and snide remarks, I didn't feel that would be right. After all, he was damned good at his job -- he kept my manuscript in the "revising" stage for over a year!

And in a corporate reshuffle worthy of any Fortune 500 company, the newly vacated position is now being filled by none other than my Inner Cheerleader. With over 40 years of experience in encouraging friends and family to go after what they really want, she will focus her efforts my way so that I can reap the benefits of having an internal cheering section.

A theme song is in the works. Uniforms and pompoms are also being evaluated. I'll keep you posted.

Hey, is your inner board of directors in need of reshuffling?

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