Last week I was delighted to find out that I won a full manuscript critique from an editor. Squee!
Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was pick up H&B and give it another spit and polish before sending it over.

Remember that "spit and polish" can mean different things to different people. For some, it could simply involve using the spelling and grammar check tools in Word. For me, it's a complete read-through.

That's when Michelle burst onto the scene and said something about using this as yet another excuse to put off working on my current WIP. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when she's right?

Anyhoo, I gave myself two days to give the manuscript a quick read, just because my Inner Critic hadn't retired at that point. ;)

And it was...all right. No, pretty darn good. So what the heck was I waiting for? This ms didn't need me when there was an editor waiting in the wings to give it her attention.

So off it went, leaving me alone with my current WIP that I totally need to think over because it's turned into a book I don't want to write. :::shakes fist at the sky:::

In an odd twist of fate, research for a magazine article has tweaked a long-forgotten idea that I may want to play around with. Trouble is, I wanted to have a completed novel-length draft of something...and my deadline of December 31 is approaching fast.

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