You know it's a sad day when watching two brothers say goodbye to each other on The Biggest Loser: Couples makes me get all weepy.

And no, I'm not PMSing, but thanks for asking. ;)

I don't get it. These were the evil guys in black who I totally hated when they pulled the old switcheroo on Dan's mom a few weeks back. These were the guys that everyone wanted gone -- especially Kelly and Paul, the ex-spouses. And this week I was kinda hoping that Brittney (sp?) would be thrown out for being The Biggest Whiner. Really, suck it up, girlfriend!

Of course, if you haven't been watching the show, all of this is probably about as interesting as sidewalk dust. Without the litter.

But still, to watch two grown men confess that they'd become each other's best-best-friends over the course of losing a helluva lot of weight, struck a chord in me. It was one way back, behind my small intestine, but it was struck nonetheless -- and I had to reach for a tissue before the goodbyes were made official by Mark's fridge being turned off. Sigh.

Maybe my tears are from my own battle of trying to say goodbye to some unhealthy lifestyle habits I picked up somewhere along the way. Like while sitting on the couch eating discounted Valentine's Day candy. (I heart sales.)

Then again, I could be PMSing. LOL

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