Sure, the man is a brilliant actor. Sure, he's won two Oscars. But have you looked into his eyes when he's not in character? Have you seen his gaze as it sweeps over the red carpet?

That's one freaky dude.

And, pardon me, but can the man afford to see a barber? Maybe Johnny Depp should have pulled a Sweeney Todd move and saved us all from having to stare, open-mouthed, at the sorry state of a mop on the Irishman's head. I'm sure members of Sein Fein were hanging their heads in shame.

Not that I'm saying Daniel is a member of that particular party. I have enough trouble trying to remember that the party name doesn't follow the "i before e" rule. This, coming from a girl who attempted to read and understand Leon Uris' Trinity at age 15.

And there I was, thinking it was a huge romance novel. ;)

But enough about me and Ireland, and actors with the ability to freak me out by way of a small television screen. I wonder how his wife feels about his hair. Maybe she knows it's best not to fight that particular battle, and just focus on him putting the lid down without shooting out the windows.

Can't you just imagine it? Freaky.

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