I must preface this blog post first to say that 99.9% of the time, I'm pretty well oblivious to things going on around me. That's why I gave up driving. ;)

This weekend I walked into a room so filled with anxiety and frustration that I felt it almost impossible to focus on anything else. It was the oddest experience I'd had in a while. The group already in the room had obviously had some sort of discussion/argument/knock-down Indian leg-wrestling match before my girlfriends and I arrived, but everyone pretended that things were cool when we got there.

Only trouble was, things were so far from cool that I coulda sworn I spotted the devil lingering in the corner, looking a lot like Sawyer with a smokin' tan, adding some more chili peppers to the stew he was brewing up in the corner. Le sigh.

Still, we pretended that nothing was amiss. Even when we'd catch a snarky glance or eye roll, we refrained from commenting or calling attention to it in any way. Most of us started watching the clock after about an hour, wondering how much time needed to pass before it would be considered an okay time to leave. At least there were some good tunes on in the background.

While I was concerned for the gang of grumblers, part of me was thrilled since the scene reminded me so much of something that would happen in high school -- and I could totally use all this angst in my YA novel. So I shoved some discomfort and angst in my handbag and sneaked home with it.

Of course, when I got home, the Kitten of Mass Destruction (Zaphod, who now weighs in at 10 pounds), went right for the batch of moodiness and started dragging it around the house.

So yesterday, instead of hunting for Easter eggs, we were looking for pockets of disdain, angst and apathy. The DH even stepped in a puddle of contempt: now we have to get the carpet steam-cleaned. ;)

And how was your Easter?

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