It's been a wild week for me so far, as I'm interviewing quite a few people for three articles I'm working on. The topics are as varied as multiplex offerings: hair removal, facing fears and how to avoid overloading at the buffet of life.

Yeah, I don't want to mix my notes up. ;)

My media whoring also appears to be paying off. Reader's Digest Canada's fact-checking department called this morning to confirm some comments I made about contesting during the Canadian Contesting Association's first-ever conference back in September. The article is scheduled to run in their July issue -- can't wait!

And, I'm going to be grilled (er, interviewed) by Mike Smythe on the Bill Good Show on radio station CKNW in Vancouver, B.C. He wants to know more about my experiences as a buzz agent that I wrote about in my article for Homemakers magazine.

I'm choosing my wardrobe wisely for this media appearance, believe me!

I've also experienced another case of deja-done: an article I queried on Monday just appeared in another magazine! It arrived in the mail today. At least my editor made it clear that she didn't think I was stealing ideas from her competition and then sending them over to her. ;)

Things like that just show me that I gotta find a time machine so I can pitch my article ideas six months before I come up with them. I just need a friend like Hiro Nakamura. ;)

Oh, and I've been yanked out of my "I love this novel" phase and thrust into the "I can't believe I wrote this crap" part of the writing process.

Luckily I knew it was coming so I was able to prepare by stocking the house with Diet Coke and cheese strings. It's hard to be mopey when there are cheese strings around. Well, unless you're lactose intolerant. ;)

Are there some handy supplies that you keep on hand to keep the blues/the rants or simply the blahs at bay? Please share!

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