Today I was interviewed by Mike Smyth on CKNW's The Bill Good Show -- LIVE! Just think, people were hearing me at 11:30 in Vancouver, when it was 2:30 in Toronto. I was time-travelling -- okay, maybe just in my mind. ;)

Of course, I didn't know it was going to be LIVE until the assistant producer told me when she had me on the line. I'm just glad I picked out a fabulous outfit to wear!

And my personal trainer suggested that I do some voice exercises before the call to stretch out my vocal chords. I just thought she was trying to get me to exercise even more, but I did it anyway. Tra la la la la la la. I think I sounded pretty good with my pipes all tuned up.

Sadly, no karaoke was involved.

But my goodness, that was fun! I got to talk about all things buzz marketing and share my experiences about telling friends, family and everyone else I've ever met about cool products and what it's like to be on a buzz campaign.

Now, knowing that Mike Smyth is a political columnist for the Vancouver Sun (I Googled him)did make me a little nervous as I was sure that he was going to turn it all into a "big brother is taking over our everyday conversations" type of interview, but he didn't.

He was verra, verra nice. ;)

And I survived! I'll post a link to the interview once it gets on the radio station's site so that you can listen...actually I might have a listen to it first to make sure I didn't sound like Moon Unit Zappa or anything like that. Totally.

Then again, I'd rather sound like her than Paris Hilton any day.

Now I'm off to the salon -- more waxing research. Wish me luck!

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