That totally sounds like a euphemism. doesn't it?

Believe it or not, there's a book titled Become Happy in Eight Minutes (it burned into a pile of ash when I touched it), which explains the technique of locating and tapping one's happy spot in order to send endorphins or serotonin or something into your bloodstream.

If ya wanna know, your happy spot is located right above your sternum. Well, at least the one the book refers to. ;) Don't tap too hard: it could hurt.

Trouble is, that's what I really needed to do today. It was one of those days when everything just drove me freaking crazy. Everything I touched turned into pork rinds and my mood just turned greasy and high-caloric; not a good place to be as a diabetic.

So what did I, the one wearing the cranky pants, do?

I went to the gym and worked out.

Yeah, get up off the floor already. ;)

Incredible but true: exercise actually banishes bad moods. Sure, I was mentally cursing every blinking light on the treadmill's display, but I was working it baby. Sweating like a rock star during a major guitar solo and everything.

Hopefully I wasn't singing out loud like last time.

And, once I made it back home and opened up the WIP, I had another great shashoomba experience. Things had been too darn easy for my heroine, so I've just poured a giant bag of marbles under her feet to see how she deals with it.

Maybe she'll burn a calorie or two. ;)

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