This week has been fabulously busy and I realized about an hour ago that it's Friday. Woot!

Of course, working from home makes me forget about weekends. Mainly because I tend to work all the time. And no, that's not a call-out for a collective "aww" (but thanks if you did), it's just that I tend to work in strange ways.

Sorry, I just snorted Diet Coke up my nose again.

Let me rephrase the "strange ways" part. I'm always working on a number of projects at a time. That's part of the thrill (!) of being a freelancer: always making sure that there's work to be done. Where I get into trouble is in three ways:

Doing the easy stuff first
The theory is to do one easy task to give you a sense of accomplishment, which will inspire you to take on the more difficult tasks. It's a terrific theory, but my take on it is to do all the easy tasks first because, well, they're easy. Who wants to do the hard stuff?

And yes, that usually leaves me between the proverbial rock and a hard place. ;)

Not following my own deadlines
If anyone else on the planet gives me a deadline, I will try my absolute best to meet it. Most of the time I even do. (Yeah me!) But for projects on which I've placed a personal deadline, like a novel, I have yet to meet the first milestone dates I set for myself.

Of course, I know why: because I do the work for "other people" first. And it's hard taking the time to write when you've already spent most of the day writing. Right?

Getting bogged down doing "research"
It all starts out innocently enough. I go online to look up a particular fact or the proper spelling of a new multivitamin, and the next thing you know I've checked everyone's blogs and entered 387 contests. Four hours have suddenly evaporated and I'll never get that time back.

For this reason alone, I'm staying away from Facebook. ;)

So where do you get into trouble with your writing?

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