The crocuses in my front garden are in full bloom. How the heck did I miss that?

Today is a balmy (okay, above zero) day, and I'm delighted to watch all the piles of snow, I mean, melt away. It's been too long a winter and, while I love being inside hunched over a keyboard, I'm itching to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe even on a bike or something crazy like that. ;)

My extended self-imposed deadline on my current WIP was not met as of midnight last night. I'm about 20 pages short. But endings to books are so over-rated these days, right?

Trouble is, it's a first draft. And while being a first draft of anything isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's true that bad things happen in first drafts. Again, I have a cast of thousands, but at least my heroine did not stop to eat in every other scene. According to my beta, who I may speak to again eventually, it's got good bones.

Ugh. Isn't that like setting your friend up with someone who has a "great personality"?

I jest to hide my pain. ;)

So I'm taking a step away from the WIP. For at least two weeks. Let my subconscious take over and figure things out, like the fact that my hero is a butthead. A serious butthead who needs a memo - STAT.

There are plenty of other things for me to work on right now -- like getting a partial polished and ready for a certain publisher. Squee! Oh, and maybe some laundry.

Do you have any big plans for April?

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