Robert Downey Jr. is putting off writing his memoirs. He even returned his advance to HarperCollins and everything.

This is something only an actor would do. Seriously. You would never hear me saying, "Nah, I don't think I'm gonna write that book just yet. Here's your cash. Check in with me later, 'kay?"

Obviously Robert Downey Jr. and I are not on the same wavelength. Which is probably a good thing, given his penchant for injecting -- and we're not talking insulin here.

Then again, it was his memoirs he was putting off writing, not some YA novel. Perhaps he knows that even more cool stuff is headed his way, like another Iron Man movie or The Singing Detective II.

Me? While there are no real plans to release my memoirs out into the world, I can't say it'll never happen. Of course, HarperCollins isn't banging down my door just yet, hoping to fill in the void left by Downey, but you never know. They could one day.

Well, maybe not today. And tomorrow doesn't look good either.

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