Okay, it's official. I'm at my first-ever RWA National convention. That means there are about 2,000 romance authors from, like, everywhere all here in one spot. Yeah, it's kind of loud and squealy, but it's also a lot of fun!

Tonight was the literacy signing, where everyone has the opportunity to meet great authors and get their books autographed, and when we buy the books, all the proceeds go to promoting literacy. I did my part by purchasing waaay too many books I now get to lug home.

It's hard not to get all giddy and fan-girl-like when you see authors up close and personal. It's very surreal meeting the woman who kept you up all night, reading her words. Everyone was so nice and knew my name. Then I realized I had my name tag on the whole time.

I even have a big-ass orange ribbon on my name badge that says "FIRST TIME VISITOR" so other old-school RWA-ers will take pity on me and assist when they find me gobsmacked in an empty hallway or looking like I need a clue.

And I thought riding the small boat around Alcatraz was tough. ;)

Oh, did I mention that San Francisco is cool and chilly? Like freezing? It feels like fall, which is at odds with being in California during late July, but that's just that way it is.

And no, we didn't feel the earthquake over here. But I did pick up some fabulous shoes. Oh, before the convention started...

Tomorrow is going to be a full day, and so are the next few days after that, so please forgive my spotty posting, but I think I may be having way too much fun with a bunch of crazy people to get much blogging done.

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