My section of screaming to-dos is still here, waiting for refills on their decaf. (Man, I do not miss waitressing at all.) And today, for some strange reason, I decided to make a choice: to be happy about it.

Yeah. I actually celebrated how crazy-busy my schedule is. Whooped it up and danced through the streets with my to-do list trailing around me and behind me as a mariachi band played along.

Okay, maybe it wasn't like that. But it was close...

I guess part of what makes this craziness palatable is that I'm working on stuff I really enjoy doing. Brainstorming. Creating. Working with groovy people. And those with a sense of humor. ;)

Sure, it's not all chocolate fountains and firemen, but it's party-like. At least in my books.

So, as I continue my par-tay, here are links to two articles that I wrote for Homemakers magazine that are finally online:

Life Lessons from Comedy School

My Ziplining Adventure at 40


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