Advertising slogans like that make me wonder how many people out there skip applying deodorant, thinking that what they put on yesterday will do just fine.

Actually, I don't need to wonder -- I can simply follow my nose. ;)

While pit wax isn't the most popular of topics, I'm amazed at how many freaking varieties are out there. Whether they're scented or not is no longer the big draw -- they've got ones with skin conditioners, ion-infused stink preventers and ones that don't leave white stuff on your clothes in case you wanna wear your shirt inside out. Like at the club.

It's as if there are different genres of pit wax. I refer to the old stuff in the back of the cabinet as Historical, while the new stuff that's guaranteed to help me lose weight and dance better is definitely of the Fantasy variety. And the Dark Paranormal stuff feels wrong going on and causes boils if exposed to sunlight.

Okay, so maybe we aren't the type to skip the daily deo-for-the-b.o., but what if we tried to skip a day on achieving our goals? Would they still come to fruition? Or would the lack of results leave a bad smell?

For me, writing is a lot easier when I do it every day. And I'm not talking blog posts or letters of complaint to contest organizers because their odds are one in five billion to win the grand prize. Sure, that's writing, but it's not adding to the page count.

How about you? What happens when you skip a day on your WIP?

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