Help! De Zombies! Dey gotz mah brains. Now deys on de lam wid mah brains.

Is it possible to call in "Zombie" to an employer? Hmm. Being self-employed, I guess I could try it out through the magic of self-talk:


Bonnie's Boss (BB): Hello?

Bonnie: Me sick. Zombies ates mah brains.

BB: Not again! This is the fourth time this month. Do you have a doctor's note?

Bonnie: Can'ts getz to doc. No brains.

BB: Hmm. If you have the brains to call, I think you're well enough to write.

Bonnie: Write wid no brains? You kiddin'?

BB: No, me serious. Enough stalling, Bonnie. You're on a deadline, so hop to it!

Bonnie: I'z ain't no bunny.

BB: No words, no cash money.

Bonnie: Okay. Be dere soon.

Oh well, can't blame a gal for trying. Darn zombies...and bosses. Sheesh!

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