It's a dark and scary world out there, people. Every to-do list I came across seemed endless, and each time I thought something was done, it really wasn't.

So I stayed away in order to buy some more time.

What ended up happening was I replaced the blogging time with other non-working-on-the-novel stuff. Ugh. Just when I thought my plans to be productive were gonna work, I ended up doing a lot of work for other people. ;)

So, while the bank is happy, my WIP progress is not. Le sigh.

And I feel as though I've missed out on a lot of things because I haven't been checking out all of my fave blogs out there. I'll be dropping by soon, I promise. But first, there's something I have to do:


Squee! My mom and I are taking a girls' trip to NYC to shop, do some sightseeing, shop, check out a show, shop, visit a museum, shop, enjoy a restaurant or two, and then shop some more. This will be my third trip down (and #2 for Mom), so we're pretty excited.

Michelle asked if I was going to go over and see her agent while I was there (I met him on trip #1, which was when I went with her and he took us both out for lunch). Then I thought he might find it kind of creepy that I stopped by to say hello, right around noon -- and brought Mom with me. LOL

Hey, if we're feeling daring after shopping at Canal Street, we just might swing by. ;)

Then I wondered how many unpublished (or even published) authors go literally knocking on an literary agent's door, looking for representation? (Say that five times.)

I've yet to come across (feel free to correct me) submissions guidelines that state "in-person submissions will not be accepted." So I could up the ante with a submission and the stamp of approval of my mother. Even though I haven't let her read the book yet. Details, details.

Oh yeah, that would put me at the top of that agent's slush pile.

Don't get me wrong: my mom is an awesome woman who has supernatural powers when it comes to being an artist, finding a bargain, putting a wardrobe together and decorating, but I don't think a literary agent is gonna give two figs if I show up on their doorstep armed with her and my manuscript.

Then again, they may take one look at her incredible outfit and offer her representation on a fabulous book on fashion.

Yeah, maybe I'll forgo the drop-ins on this trip.

So,I'm back, but off again until next weekend. Have fun!

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