Okay, I think I'm back. Sheesh! What a wild ride it's been -- worked like a presidential candidate over the past few weeks, hopped on a plane to NYC with my mom, got totally sick and am still on the road to recovery now that I'm back on Canadian soil. Le sigh.

Of course, this is the part where I tell you that while I haven't been blogging I've been able to write ten novels, land an agent, star in a few feature films, get a few book contracts and sign up for an appearance on Oprah.

Hear those crickets chirping?

Ugh. There's that old saying that nature abhors a vacuum, and it appears that any time I saved by not blogging or checking out other blogs was replaced by...I'm really not sure. Things just got all crazy-busy and I saw bright lights, like there was an alien invasion or something. ;)

What I was able to get done was find the top of my desk. This is no small accomplishment, either, as there were piles on top of piles and bits of "really important" paper covering every flat surface in my office. I even found stuff piled on top of the karaoke machine: a true signal that there wasn't a lot of fun happening in BonnieLand of late.

And that's when I discovered something. I hang on to a lot of stuff. Okay, maybe it's not so much as discovery as it is getting hit over the head with it for the gazillionth time. But it made me stop and think about how all this stuff was slowing me down. Between trying to find a single piece of paper to trying to decide which project to tackle next, these piles would stop me in my tracks.

No wonder I ended up watching "I Want to Work for Diddy" instead of outlining my next novel. ;)

Could I subconsciously be sabotaging my efforts by piling on the paper? Hmm.

That's a question I think I know the answer to already, but it still makes me wonder how much more I could accomplish -- whether in the pursuit of happiness, an income or a book contract -- if I stopped letting things pile up all over the place. You know, like coupons for products I probably won't buy, to-do list items I have no intention of doing, and the emotional baggage I lug around and continue to accessorize from time to time.

How much simpler would it be if I approached things from the other side of the carton?

I'll have to let you know once I find it. LOL

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