Somehow I've been able to get 7,000 words down on the page for my new WIP. Yahoo!

My secret? Not looking back at the traffic accident of words that I wrote the day before. I made that mistake last weekend and it threw me off my game. Of course, by now my word count should be around 15K, but at least I can say that I only have 172 steps (of 250 words) left.

So it's still completely doable.

And now that I'm working on the new idea, the recently completed (but in need of a good revision) manuscript has been sending me drinks and winking at me. It's sorely tempting, but I can't go there -- not without sabotaging progress on the WIP and risking a NaNo failure.

:::sends drink back after taking the paper umbrella:::

The week ahead is full of too many things already that will take me away from the keyboard, so I'll have to find a way to make good use of the time I do have available. Will I have to pull the plug on the Internet again?

I hope not, as that was a wonewee time in BonnieLand. ;)

Saturday I attended a fantabulous workshop on world building by Maria V. Snyder. Not only was the timing of it ideal for me and my manuscripts, it also opened my eyes to what I've been leaving out in my novels. Well, beside the plot, character development and dance sequences. What I learned in those few hours will definitely help me for years to come... or at least until November 30.

Okay, must dash and see if I can get another 250-word hunk in before I hit the hay.

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